Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sweet Tooth!

Hey All - I know I know my blogging sucks right now. Not into that much anymore. Things are good working a lot . The boys have a couple of weeks off right now so we have been enjoying the weather and going to the pool a lot. All Drew says is I wanna go to the poo... so cute. So I need some tips- I have a major problem- I have been trying to lose some weight but I have a major sweet tooth. I signed up for weight watchers online and it has been going well until I get to about 8pm at night I start craving every sweet thing in sight. I save some points for this of course but it hasn't been cutting it and I have been over doing it. So frustrating to do really good all day then screw it all up late at night. I know I just need to get rid of the sweets all together but it seems to be my biggest battle- any tips from any of my sweet tooth friends?

Monday, May 17, 2010


So I came home from Amsterdam yesterday to find that my wonderful husband went to get the boys haircuts and came home with pink and blue hair! My oldest was 2 cool to pose for me but I got one of Drew- it all washed out in the bath came to find out it was just tinted hair gel. I really never know what I will find when I come home!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wait! I have a blog????

Well 2010 is definitely not been a blogging year for me- I'm still here hopefully I can get on the blog band wagon again here. Things are good - we have beautiful weather in Minnesota right now. I have a happy husband because his race car is up and running again- The kids are enjoying being able to play out side and school will be done with this school year before we know it! Still busy passing out peanuts and pretzels at work and loving it.
Today marks my start date as a flight attendant 11 years ago. I can not believe how quickly it has gone by! I feel blessed that I found something that I love to do and plan on doing it for another 30 some years (even after I win the lotto).

I Started my training for a half marathon this year!!!!! I really lost my spunk over the winter but I am slowly getting it back- Planning on doing a half marathon in Vegas in Dec if anybody wants to do it with me (hint hint Erin)!!!! My awesome MIL is doing it as well she is a machine!!!
So just a little update I will post some new pics soon Drew has a nasty bruise on his face so waiting for that to go away.

Friday, January 1, 2010



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Looky Looky

Okay most of you know I am a major bargain hunter.... I frequent thrift stores weekly and find some great things. It's unbelievable sometimes what people get rid of! So I kinda have a addiction to this whole thing but I am usually buying to sell things so it's like a little high. So Drew had a Dr. Appt today and the office is right by my favorite thrift store which I swear I had no plans on going to today but it was 25% off day and I was right around the corner so you know I kinda had to go and boy am I glad I did - so just wanted to brag about what I got today cause I get so excited about this stuff I figured the blog was the perfect place to share... So I have my certain areas in the store that I always look at the place is huge so it would be impossible to go through the whole store (heaven) unless I was going to spend the whole day in there. I don't usually look at the purses but I swear I am psychic about this stuff last week I went to 3 different areas to look and see if they had 3 different items-
1. A Chi flat iron - CHECK
3. Big Star Jeans - CHECK

So anyways I am always Leary about purses there are a ton of knock offs floating around and I have never been too big on purses. I own 3 coach purses and I am pretty happy with that. So I found a burberry which I thought was fake 2 louis vuitton purses which I am praying are fake and a Prada bag which I wasn't sure about. I need to start studying purses. But I did find a Dooney & Bourke purse which I knew right away was the real thing - I had sold one for one of my friends recently on ebay. Soooo I will probably sell it but I might use it for a little while first =) While I was checking out at the counter I noticed a watch that looked familiar and got myself a polar heartrate monitor watch for running- it's the lowest model but still I have been wanting one but not wanting to spend the 100 bucks for it. So super happy - sometimes its hit or miss but it's so much fun when its a hit!
BTW I got both these things for $19 bucks !!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pizza Night

Steve had a domestic moment last night and since that is so rare of a moment documentation was needed. He wanted to teach the kids how to make home ec pizza - or so he liked to call it so he sent me off in the storm to shop. Good thing Target is only a mile away. SO we woke up this morning to NO SCHOOL! Our first snow day cause we got ourselves a blizzard. BRRRRRRR

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just one of those days part 2

No I didn't have a round 2 today actually today was a great Thanksgiving. I was on call and I did not get called for one. I got a extra $100 dollars for being on call today to stay home and cook! Woo hoo- the turkey came out good and so did everything else! So long story short yesterday before we met the locksmith I suggested to my husband trying the new key to see if it would work. Well I was told No that's not going to work yada yada yada ect. so we had the car towed to the house tonight Steve took the steering column apart decided he was going to the junk yard tomorrow and going to replace the whole thing. Well while it was sitting on my kitchen counter I decided to try the key guess what it turned- So now it's back in the car and working fine and feels so good to be right- sometimes it wouldn't hurt my husband to take my suggestions just cause I don't know everything about cars doesn't mean I am wrong. LOL Hope everyone had a great Turkey day!